Baked Ricotta Pancakes

Baked ricotta pancake with maple syrup
Baked ricotta pancake with maple syrup

My life reached crisis point one Sunday morning in 2015 when my son discovered I could no longer stand and flip pancakes. In his little world this was the game changer, the point when my physical deterioration had finally impacted him. (He seems to have not noticed the unironed school shirts!). Whilst I could have lived without pancakes, I could not live with the associated parenting issues that followed. It was then the Baked Pancake entered our lives.

Baked pancakes are cooked in the oven, taste like pancakes and tend to have a texture somewhere between pancake and cake. The benefit of cooking pancakes this way is you can bake fruit into the mixture and create “upside down pancakes”. (Actually, the real benefit is the fact everyone’s pancakes are cooked at the same time, with no standing or flipping, but this is pretty cool!)

This method works with any set of traditional pancake ingredients, so try it with your family favourites – be sure to comment with your variations below. I’ve included the ingredients for my personal favourite, Ricotta Pancakes, which work well egg-free (these are quite moist so it’s best not to add fruit).



Line dish with fruit of choice
Line dish with fruit of choice

150g self raising flour
40g sugar
1tsp baking powder
Pinch of salt
25g butter, soft
125g ricotta
250g milk
20g lemon juice
1 egg, optional


To serve

Banana & honey OR
Berries OR
Maple syrup



  1. Heat oven to 180C fan forced, bottom heat only
  2. Grease and line oven proof dish approx. 15*25cm
  3. Insert kneading blade
  4. Add dry ingredients
  5. Add wet ingredients
  6. Pastry P2
  7. Pour into lined dish
  8. Bake for 25 minutes, or until cooked through
  9. Allow to cool for 5 mins before removing from dish and slicing


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