Time and Energy Savers

Like every busy person managing work, family and fun, finding time to prepare a meal can be a challenge for me. There always seems to be a sports practice at 5pm or hungry tummies as soon as we walk in the door.

I had needed to streamline dinner preparation for a while, but the real push came when I could no longer stand for more than 10 minutes without pain, grip a potato peeler, chop a carrot or lift a 2L milk carton. I started with the usual meal planning and preparing ahead in the morning, but soon I realised that I was just spreading the pain throughout the day. It was time to call upon my professional skills…

I am a Business Improvement Manager by day and had spent years of my career improving the efficiency of business processes and simplifying other peoples’ roles, surely I could improve the cooking process?!


Step 1 – Prepare in bulk





Step 2 – Find an alternate cooking method

Baked ricotta pancakes


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