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“Karen provided so many tips and tricks to me when I first bought my Cuisine Companion

that I wanted to permanently install her in my kitchen!”, Gayle Forsyth

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$20 ebook only:

Shine with your Cuisine Companion, The Essential Guide

You’ve bought a shiny new kitchen appliance, you unpack the box with excitement, flick through the manual, pop the bowl and blades in soapy water and then reality hits. What now?
This book takes you step by step from making the basics of buttercream and soup to showing you how to cook your curry and rice all at once. It focuses on teaching you the capabilities of the Cuisine Companion and innovative cooking techniques, through an informative how-to section and a variety of recipes.

“This book is an essential for everybody who has a Cuisine Companion – it gives clear and easy-to-understand explanations, from the basic functions to showcasing its versatility through the lovely recipes. As a busy mum of two, the recipes are invaluable, I can have a complete meal for four in less than an hour with only one bowl to wash up.” Constance Choi

“Excellent explanation of the Cuisine Companion! The recipes have made me confident in using the machine and taught me how to adapt traditional stovetop dishes to the Cuisine Companion. No stopping me now!” Roy Patterson

“Karen is a marvel when it comes to using the Cuisine Companion. With her background in engineering, it didn’t take her long to unlock the secrets of this amazing appliance. With Karen’s easy to follow style, both beginner and experienced Cuisine Companion users will benefit from her guidance and recipes.” Linda Collins

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Come join the Shine with your Cuisine Companion Facebook group

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