My Biggest Morning Tea

Or is that my biggest morning stiffness?

One of the hardest things about living with a chronic condition is that bits of you are failing at different rates. My brain is great (even if a little out of practice!) and my body is struggling. Every day I wake up with grand plans, then realise it sounds awesome on paper but then I realise my body can’t do all those things in one day or probably a week. I reassess, I plan, I devise a way to pace my pain and energy and then I begin. Almost without exception I do not achieve this modified plan. What I achieve is swollen joints and severe morning stiffness.

This week was a classic example.

I had planned very little. My goal for the week was to host a Biggest Morning Tea to raise funds for the Cancer Council and to bake for my children’s school fete. I started Sunday.

Surely it can’t take all week to bake some cakes???

It did, and I still haven’t delivered what I wanted to school. I will confess I am disappointed. Baking was the only way I could contribute to the school fete. I tried but couldn’t use my hands enough to help with the decorations. I can’t grip thongs, so flipping sausages on the BBQ was out and I couldn’t stand and man a stall (I sold ice creams two years ago and I couldn’t walk for days). Its now Saturday morning, I am sitting here writing this, warming up my back and preparing to go to the fete and enjoy the day with the children.

Importantly, what did I achieve this week?

  • I raised money and had great laughs doing so for the Cancer Council
  • I baked enough food for my morning tea
  • I have baked some stuff for the school fete
  • The house is in order and the children and I are looking forward to the day

On Sunday I made 3 batches of condensed milk and raspberry jam

On Monday, dark chocolate peppermint fudge (I only made the dark chocolate layer in this recipe and added a few drops of peppermint)

On Tuesday, condensed milk cupcakes (egg free) and the charity recipe developed by Krystyana Simmons. I then froze the majority of the cupcakes. To get this recipe, please donate a minimum of $5 to the Cancer Council and then provide me with your email address.

On Wednesday, sweet bread rolls (using my scroll dough), ANZAC biscuits, granola (no marshmallows!) and yoghurt

On Thursday, whipped cream and blueberry coulis

On Friday, I iced the frozen cupcakes.

Looking back, I am not sure I should be disappointed, maybe I just dream big! Thank you to all that have donated so far and I hope this post inspires you to host your own Biggest Morning Tea.