Chocolate Self Sauce Pudding 4

Chocolate self sauce pudding

Chocolate self sauce pudding

The perfect, quick and simple chocolate pudding, made with everyday pantry items and in the CC – you don’t even need an oven!



60g brown sugar
15g cocoa powder
200g water, boiled


125g self raising flour
140g caster sugar
15g cocoa powder
125g milk
10g vanilla essence
30g butter, soft



  1. Insert dough blade
  2. Add Sauce sugar and cocoa to bowl
  3. Speed 10 / 15 seconds / stopper maxi
  4. Set aside
  5. Add all Cake ingredients to bowl
  6. Pastry P1 / 1 min / stopper maxi
  7. Scrape down and repeat step 6
  8. Pour cake mixture into a oven safe dish
  9. Sprinkle over Sauce sugar / cocoa mixture
  10. Rinse the bowl
  11. Fill the bowl with water to the 0.7L line
  12. Fit the deep external steamer
  13. Place the oven safe dish in the steamer tray
  14. Gently pour hot water over the top
  15. Put steamer lid in place
  16. Steam P1
  17. Serve warm, with ice cream







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4 thoughts on “Chocolate Self Sauce Pudding

  • Lorraine

    Made the Chocolate self saucing pudding last night – fabulous (but will need to double it next time) So easy, cooked perfectly and got to christen my external steamer finally!!! I’m sold on the steamer just to make this yummy dessert. Thanks heaps Karen. No pictures sorry – kids demolished it 🙂

    • Karen Post author

      1.5 – 2L. I’m thinking I might try and convert this to use in the external steamer… Just not sure it will get hot enough.