Chilled Lemon Cheesecake

Makes 1 20cm round cake or 6 eggs

Cooking difficulty: Easy

Preparation time: 30 mins

Chill time: 6 hours

I made this cheesecake into novelty eggs and smashed eggs for Easter. To do this (or individual cheesecakes) you will need to double the base mixture and have egg shaped moulds (the plastic boxes that come with chocolate eggs work well lined with greased foil).

Smashed egg cheesecake

Smashed egg cheesecake



250g plain biscuits
80g butter, soft


150g caster sugar
500g cream cheese, soft
150ml thick cream
40g lemon juice, approx. 1 lemon
60g water, boiling
15g gelatine crystals
2 drops yellow food colouring or 60g lemon curd


CC Method

  1. Insert dough blade
  2. Add biscuits
  3. Speed 12 / 1 min / maxi
  4. Set crumbs aside
  5. Insert butter
  6. Speed 4 / 80C / 3 mins / maxi
  7. Add crumbs to melted butter
  8. Speed 10 / 40 sec / maxi
  9. Press mixture firmly into a greased springform pan (or egg shaped moulds)
  10. Chill in fridge
  1. Rinse CC bowl and blade
  2. Add cream cheese and sugar
  3. Speed 12 / 1 min / maxi
  4. Add remaining ingredients
  5. Speed 10 / 45 secs / maxi
  6. Pour onto base, reserving 12 teaspoons
  7. Mix food colouring with reserved filling
  8. Spoon yellow drops around the edge of cake or as yolks for eggs
  9. Chill for 6 hours
  10. If making eggs, carefully wrap 2 halves together in foil





Cheesecake cream egg, ready to wrap!

Cheesecake cream egg, ready to wrap!



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