Bread Rolls 8

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Makes 12 rolls

Cooking difficulty: Medium

Total duration: 2h


Nothing beats eating warm fresh bread…

            except knowing you’ve mastered baking them.

Learning to bake bread can be a challenging process. It’s important to be exact with the ingredients, adjust for the weather, persevere until light and fluffy, and read this full recipe, especially the tips! You can use this recipe for plain white rolls or top as desired. Our family favourite is the classic cheese and tomato roll, with cheese and bacon coming a close second.

Cheese and tomato topped bread rolls

Cheese and tomato topped bread rolls



350g luke warm water*
7g yeast
600g bread flour
12g salt
16g olive oil
18g apple cider vinegar


CC Method

  1. Insert kneading blade
  2. Add water to CC bowl*
  3. Add remaining ingredients in order
  4. Pastry P1 / maxi
  5. Allow to automatically continue onto prove function for 20 minutes
  6. Remove CC lid and turn upside down onto a floured or oiled surface
  7. Remove locking nut and lift bowl off dough
  8. Scrape dough off the blade, being careful not to stretch dough
  9. Quickly form into 12 equal sized balls, approximately 80g each*
  10. Place into a lightly oiled 20*30cm slice tin, leaving room around the edges*
  11. Prove the dough in a warm humid environment, until they have doubled in size (40-80mins)*
  12. Add desired toppings
  13. Steam bake 180C 20-25 minutes*
  14. Allow to cool on a wire rack
  15. Eat within 24 hours or freeze immediately*



  1. The water needs to be 30-35C. In cold climates you can achieve this in CC first. Speed 3 / 35C / 2 mins. In hot climates you may need to cool the water. Too hot and the dough will be overly sticky (sticky itself is a good thing!).
  2. On a dry day or if you are slower at this stage, cover the dough with a damp clean tea towel whilst you shape it.
  3. You can bake the rolls on a flat baking tray, however I find tins with small sides help the rolls rise in a uniform manner, making them easier to top, pull apart and of course, they look nicer too!
  4. Proving – If your oven has a 30C setting, I recommend you add a bowl of water to the bottom and allow the dough to rise in the oven. If not, get creative. Use the laundry when the tumble dryer is on, the dishwasher when it’s just finished its cycle, the dashboard of your car with a wet tea over the dough or the microwave after you’ve heated a mug of water.
  5. If you do not have a steam oven, you can create one by adding a (oven safe) bowl of water to the bottom of your oven
  6. Freezing immediately, once cooled is important as there are no preservatives used. The rolls defrost perfectly, especially in a packed lunch box in the Australian summer!


Pace yourself with these rest breaks

Prep time: 15 mins
Rest time: 20 mins

Forming rolls
Prep time: 5 mins
Prove time: 40-60 mins

Prep time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 20-25 mins





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8 thoughts on “Bread Rolls

  • Debbie

    These bread rolls are so light and fluffy.. I topped them with the classic bacon and cheese.. this will be my new go to bread roll mix… as they are so simple easy make with perfect no fail step-by-step instructions… Thank you again Karen, for sharing your wonderful tasty recipes

  • Sue

    This has become my ‘go to’ bread roll recipe. It is very easy to follow and versatile as it can be made into different shapes and with different toppings. Freezes well too.

  • Renee Hyratt

    Thanks Karen, for this recipe. My children love these rolls and now I can make them myself. They said they’re even better than the ones from the shop.

  • Constance

    I made these and everybody in the family loved it! The only modification I would say is if the ambient temperature was in the 20’s, room temp water rather than lukewarm water is probably OK in step 1. I did with lukewarm water which was prob too warm and I think the dough was then too sticky for my liking ( didn’t affect the final product though)

    Another winner from Karen!

    • Karen Post author

      I totally agree, water temperature is so key. Just one of the many variables in bread baking perfection! Glad we were able to fix the problem. (The first time I made bread I misread the water temperature and killed the yeast at 60C!)

  • Liesl T. (Elle Tee)

    This recipe is perfect! Easy to follow and tips for proving and steam oven were invaluable. Your recipe is the first to ever give me enough confidence to even attempt bread. The first time I made these I topped them with pesto, cabanossi, sundried tomatoes and mozzarella. Turned out perfectly and because there’s only the two of us I froze most of them. I made these again a few days again and left them plain to go with soup, once again, perfect!

    • Karen Post author

      Wonderful to hear. Its a fine balance of enough to be able to successfully follow the recipe versus making it look over complicated and scary. Be sure to let me know how you go.