Facebook – Shine with your Cuisine Companion Group

Shine with your Cuisine Companion Facebook Group Do’s and Don’ts

All members are to read and follow these group rules:

  1. Do be respectful to each other
  2. Do feel free to ask for help with converting your recipes
  3. Do feel free to ask any questions about the Tefal Cuisine companion and its parts
  4. Do contribute and help others
  5. Do let us know if there is a Cuisine Companion sale / special offer
  6. Do post to the group if there is a TV show about the Cuisine Companion scheduled
  7. Don’t share recipes and information from “Shine with your Cuisine Companion” cookbooks via any means
  8. Don’t post screenshots of recipes but instead post a link to the site
  9. Don’t post pictures of recipes from books
    (these last three breach copyright and can get the group administrator into trouble!!)
  10. Don’t advertise products, groups or websites
  11. Don’t use bad language, swearing will not be tolerated
  12. We reserve the right to remove members, we will not do this without good reason, we will try to resolve problems where we can

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